Friday, April 22, 2016

Valley Gives Day - May 3, 2016

Valley Educational Associates is thrilled to participate in our third Valley Gives Day, on May 3, 2016! 

We're also excited about a new feature offered by Valley Gives and Razoo this year... peer-to-peer fundraising! This is a fun and easy way that you can promote VEA and share what we do with your friends and family.

Just follow three easy steps to get started:

1.) Create a Razoo account (it's free!).
 2.) Start your own fundraiser for VEA.
Under Cause, search for "Valley Educational Associates" in Hatfield, MA. Then, enter a title for your fundraiser (it can be anything you like!). Once you're signed up, you can set your own fundraising goal, donation amounts, etc.

3.) Share your fundraiser on social media--Facebook, Twitter, etc. and encourage your  friends, family, co-workers, etc. to join the giving extravaganza on May 3! Every dollar you raise for VEA helps us get one step closer to our goals.

Join the VEA staff members and supporters who have already started peer fundraising, and get ready for Valley Gives Day on May 3!

Learn more about peer-to-peer fundraising: